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The days of manually opening the gates to your home are over. Technology has yet another innovation to offer to make your life simpler. Driveway gates are attractive and suitable for private as well as public properties. Many companies make such automated bi folding gates in Melbourne to make the lives of the Aussies safe and secure. The bi folding gates Melbourne shops sell come in various sizes and are made of metal or wood.


Bi Folding Gates Melbourne


Advantages of using bi-folding gates

Bi folding gates in Melbourne are a great solution for those with limited space or having a large slope near the entrance to their property. These are ideal for tight spaces where there is not much room to swing or slide a traditional automated gate. They require virtually no area on either side of the opening. These gates are made of two panels that fold on their sides or pivot from a fixed point. These are aesthetically pleasing while giving the best security possible to homes or offices.

Security features include obstruction devices and sensors which are concealed within the protection of the columns. Melbourne bi folding gates easily integrate with most common access control devices. There is also the facility of secure manual release in times of local power failure.

Trackless bi-folding gates are designed for perimeter security access where high cycle speed and durability are mandatory and where space is limited.

Customise your gate

Companies are going out of the way to offer their customers the gates of their dreams. Now the customer can create his/her own design and ask the company to replicate it using wood or metal. Designs include woven patterns, chain links vertical pickets and customised infills which range from the staid to the ornate. These bi-folding gates can have flat top spindles, slope tops as well as arch tops to suit the whims and fancies of the customers. Companies that sell bi folding gates Melbourne wide offer a one-stop solution for such gates and their services include designing, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and repairs.

Automated bi-folding gates versus manual gates

A bi-folding gate opens at twice the speed of a conventional swing gate. It takes merely three to seven seconds to open and offers the clients a swift entry into their property. With living spaces getting smaller, the limited space available needs to be optimally utilised. The bi folding gates Melbourne companies are designing take up only a quarter of the space occupied by the manual gates. Another advantage that automated bi-folding gates have over manual gates is that they save time because they can be opened with just the click of a button. Also, you do not need to come out of your vehicle to open or close the gate. More info at The Motorised Gate Company.

Want to buy a bi-folding gate

To buy bi folding gates in Melbourne, you can check out websites like  Such websites help you in choosing the perfect gate for your driveway. Different designs are available to suit both residential and commercial requirements.


These gates are gradually becoming indispensable for areas of public access as they help in controlling the traffic and offer fast and efficient operation. They meet all the safety standards and use modern technology to provide the best security. So go ahead and open the gate to convenience and security.

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