Man on the Run
After being accused of arson, Aaron broke out of jail and went on the run with his girlfriend Lucy and their pal Alison. AGIM KABA discusses the thrill of being a young actor featured in a cross country bus tour. What was the trip like?
AGIM KABA: Awesome. How did you like traveling on the bus?
AGIM KABA: Traveling on the bus was great. It was our crew, and we got to get really close and understand each other. Itís not like we got bored anywhere; we werenít there long enough. So, it was always fun. Then weíd go on the bus and that was our time to be by ourselves and hang out with the cast and crew. A lot of fun. What did you do to keep busy on the bus?
AGIM KABA: Iíd annoy people. [Laughs] If they were sleeping, they were targets. Weíd sing along; weíd hang out. We really had a lot of fun. We all really bonded. There was always something going on. Even on the bus there was some kind of commotion that got everybodyís attention. Was it bizarre to have this bus with your photo on it?
AGIM KABA: [Jokes] Yeah, that was pretty ugly. That was huge. That kind of scared me a little bit, but it was exciting. Are there are any memories from visiting the schools that stick out for you from the trip?
AGIM KABA: Every school I have a memory. So, what can you tell me about Webster University?
AGIM KABA: Webster was the most exciting because when we came out there and saw all the people waiting, it was so strange. It was like, ďOh, my God, this is really happening!Ē The school was unbelievable. The guy who played Brady and all those guys that worked with us were really good. That was scary for all of us because it was our first time doing it, and it went so smoothly. We had a fountain scene that was really nice. The people around were so friendly. It felt very good knowing I finished my first city and everything was a complete success. What about Franklin College?
AGIM KABA: Franklin was a small school, but let me tell you, they had the best support. They were really nice people. There were a lot of them that were really good fans, which was pretty cool. And Ohio State University?
AGIM KABA: OSU was one of our longer stays. It was exciting. It was a very big school. We had to go to the OSU stadium, which was huge. We dealt with a lot of things in Ohio - with rain and a lot of heat. We had some good scenes where we had to stand by a statue and sell things. That was a fun one. But that took the longest, so thatís when the crew starting feeling a little bit of pressure. What about the University of Pittsburgh?
AGIM KABA: Pittsburgh was one of the shorter ones. Beautiful campus; the garden was amazing. Plus, we had some crew come in from New York, which was fun. In Maryland, you had to dress up like a bunny. What was that like?
AGIM KABA: That was fun. Everyone laughed at me, which was fine. Thatís why Iím an actor - you get to be something stupid for a day and itís normal. [Laughs] [Also at] Maryland was the fight between the two girls. Iím not going to tell you very much, but it was fun. Maryland was a beautiful campus. It was huge. Thatís where I took a golf cart and just left. I took a lot of people on a ride. I was on one of the roads in Maryland on a bus stop and there were three huge buses in front of me and huge buses behind me and Iím in the middle of traffic. That was fun. How about Virginia Commonwealth University?
AGIM KABA: Virginia was cool because we got escorted by cops all the way. I donít know why, but that was the highlight of the trip. What about UNC Charlotte?
AGIM KABA: Unfortunately, I donít feel like we spent enough time there. Charlotte was beautiful. The hotel was nice; the school was huge. The fan support there was great. We got to paint our faces green. Canít forget that one - it took me like three weeks to get that off! The script was fun, which made everything so much better. Vanderbilt University.
AGIM KABA: That was one of the schools we didnít stay at very long. It started raining in the middle of it. We went to St. Judeís Hospital and we spent most of our time there. I feel like we didnít stay in Vanderbilt very long at all. Half the time we were moving around. Rhodes College?
AGIM KABA: Rhodes was nice. Not a very big school, but a nice place. Once again, it was raining there. We had that huge storm [Hurricane Isidiore] at the end of the trip. Then you had that long trip back to St. Louis to Washington University. Was that a trying trip, to be on the bus for so long?
AGIM KABA: No, not at all. That was actually a very good trip. We went to a school that we had no idea we were going to go to. It was beautiful. The school was like a bunch of castles. We used some of the old characters [from Webster University] that we used in the beginning. It was a nice way to end the whole trip. Any there any students that stick out in your mind from those you worked with?
AGIM KABA: Yeah, my friend Brady [Benjamin Mathes], who I interacted with the most. What do you think was the best moment of the trip for you?
AGIM KABA: The best [part] of the trip was hanging out on the bus with all my friends, because I really got to see how they were. It was really nice knowing that they were nice people and had good hearts. We had a great time. I mean, imagine putting like thirty people on a bus and everyoneís having a good time together. For two weeks straight, thatís what it was. When everybody went home, it felt so weird. I felt like picking up the phone and calling everybody; I was so lonely. I know you didnít have much time to visit the cities much considering your workload, but is there one you liked the best?
AGIM KABA: Itís weird. One city was very country, [then] you went to another city, like Pittsburgh, and itís very urban. Itís a whole different lifestyle. Every city had its own [charm]. Do you have any closing thoughts about the trip?
AGIM KABA: Iím just thankful that that much trust could be put on a bunch of young actors. Weíre just very happy to be here. Everybody here is very close, weíre like a family, and we really do enjoy being around each other. That really helps everything.