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Aaron Snyder, the product of a scandalous one-night stand between Julie Wendall and Holden Snyder, was adopted at birth by Iva Snyder, Holden's adopted sister. Since Holden was married to Iva's daughter, Lily, and since Julie had been married to Holden's brother, Caleb, it was decided that Aaron's parentage should be kept a secret from Holden and another man's name was put on his birth certificate. Unfortunately, the secret would only stay buried for a few years. When Holden finally learned the truth, he rushed to New York (where Julie was staying) and demanded to know if he was Aaron's father. Not long after Julie confirmed it, Holden was mugged and ended up suffering from a severe case of memory loss. When he finally returned to Oakdale, Holden had no memory of his past and it was uncertain whether his memory would ever return. After divorcing Lily (whom he had no memory of) Holden sued for and received custody of Aaron. Though he had no memory of his past, Holden was determined to be a good father and with the help of the Snyder family, he raised Aaron alone. A few years after his accident, Holden would send Aaron to live with Julie and Caleb (who'd since remarried) in Seattle while he went to Maryland to participate in a treatment program that dealt with memory loss. Later after returning to Oakdale, his memory suddenly returned and he reunited with Lily. Though Holden was now fully recovered, he believed that Aaron was happy living with Julie and Caleb and left him in Seattle.

Years later, a 17-year-old Aaron unexpectedly would run away from Seattle to live with his father. Though on the surface the quiet sullen teenager appeared to be a bad influence, in reality he was simply misunderstood. Though Holden always assumed that Aaron was happy in Seattle, the truth was that the Snyder's marriage wasn't entirely happy and Julie spent lots of time away from home. Alone and feeling responsible for the couple's marital problems, Aaron became sullen and was finally arrested for breaking and entering. Thinking that he would be better off in Seattle, Caleb arrived to take the boy home. Knowing that Aaron wanted to stay and believing his story that he didn't break into the home to steal anything, Holden convinced Caleb to let the kid stay in town. While spending his summer at the Snyder farm fixing his motorcycle, Aaron, when pressed by Holden about what he wanted in life, admitted that his dream was to own a bike repair shop. Also, at the farm, Aaron met the sweet Lucy Montgomery and immediately became attracted to her. Though scheming Alison Stewart tried to break the couple up, her plan failed and she begged the couple's forgiveness, which Aaron gave. The couple found another obstacle in Lucy's dad, Craig, who saw Aaron as a bad influence and forbade Lucy to see him. When Craig learned that Lucy was defying him and seeing Aaron on the sly, he had a restraining order placed on Aaron. Worried about her father's threats of sending her away, Lucy contacted her mother, Sierra, who saw Aaron's good side and convinced Craig to let them date. Still thinking that Aaron wasn't right for Lucy, he nonetheless agreed to let them see each other.

That is until Lucy became involved in a minor accident riding Aaron's motorcycle. Deciding that Aaron was totally wrong for his daughter, Craig talked Holden into sending Aaron back to Seattle. Knowing that Lily's pregnancy was in jeopardy by the stress of Aaron being around, Holden reluctantly agreed at first, but later changed his mind.

Unfortunately the couple faced a crisis when Aaron was charged with arson! Unable to prove his innocence, Aaron ran off with Lucy and Alison in order to escape the police. On the run for weeks, Hal Munson and Craig finally caught up with the kids and brought them back. Of course by this time, Hal's son, Will had confessed to the crime so Aaron was off hook. Unfortunately, this news was bittersweet since prior to being found, Lucy was hit by a trolley and left paralyzed and with amnesia. Now a free man, Aaron decided to stay by Lucy no matter how long it took her to recover.

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Holden Snyder (Father- one night stand with Julie Wendall), Julie Wendall (Mother- Holden's one-night stand), Harvey Snyder (Paternal Grandfather; deceased), Emma Snyder (Paternal Grandmother), Pete Wendall (Half-brother- Son of Julie Wendall and Frank Wendall), Jenny Wendall (half-sister), Abigail Williams (Half-sister- Holden's daughter with Molly Conlan McKinnon), Faith Snyder (Half-sister- Holden's daughter with Lily Walsh Snyder), Natalie Snyder (half-sister), Luke Snyder (stepbrother), Seth Snyder (uncle), Iva Snyder Benedict (adopted aunt), Ellie Snyder (aunt), Caleb Snyder (Holden's Brother- Aaron's Uncle and Stepfather), Meg Snyder (aunt), Matthew John Dixon (cousin), Henry Snyder (great-uncle; deceased), Josh Snyder (uncle), Bert Snyder (great-uncle; deceased), Brad Snyder (first cousin once removed), Jack Snyder (cousin first cousin once removed), Lily Snyder (Stepmother)

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